Dr. Sarah Marcus MD

FL Allergy & Asthma Therapy


4200 Coral Ridge Drive, Suite 227
 Coral Springs, FL 33321

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Electronic Health Records, or EHRs, are a computer based system of patient medical records that focus on the total health of you, the patient. Everything that had been written by hand is now entered into a computer. This secure EHR system permits access to certain areas of my office and to your Personal Health Information (PHI). It also enables my practice to share your medicla information with other medical providers as needed.

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650 Ten Rod Rd, Suite 12 North Kingstown, RI 02852
1(866) 382-5932

Advantages of the Amazing Charts EHR System:

Have you ever been away from home and in need of medical care? Instead of undergoing needless tests, your primary doctor or your medical specialist will be able to send and receive medical information about you to other doctors, hospitals, labs and pharmacies. With access to your complete medical information, provided by the cutting-edge technology of an EHR system, patients will be able to receive quick, safe and appropriate medical care.

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